Simply remember our faithful friends

Celebrate the life of your beloved pet

Our pets become part of our family, and when we lose them it can be no less traumatic than losing a family member.

The pain, sadness and grief is real, and it can often be sudden, and we are unprepared. It is therefore important to say goodbye in a fitting and dignified way.

To Celebrate the Life, to say goodbye and to thank them for their friendship and loyalty, it is becoming popular to hold funeral ceremonies for our beloved pets.

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Most of us have been touched by the loss of our beloved pets.

After the loss of your pet, it will be important to decide if you wish them to be buried or cremated. Your vet will be able to advise you on what they offer if you do not wish to bring your pet home. If you wish them to be buried at home, this is possible. There are also local pet cemeteries and burial grounds should you choose this option. In any event, a small ceremony, prayer or sharing of memories can take place in your chosen venue. The use of photographs provides a happy reminder of the times you shared.

If you choose me to be your celebrant, I will be able to create an empathetic celebration of life which will be a fitting tribute to your dear friend.

We lost our tortoiseshell ‘Phoebe’ when she was 18 years old, so I know how it feels to lose a beloved fur baby! She was such a character, with a very special personality! We still miss her everyday, but she is buried close to us, which is comforting.  Picture of Phoebe, below.

'Simply ask'

'Simply ask'

for free initial discussion, informal (face-to-face, Zoom, FaceTime etc).
If you choose me for your pets funeral celebrant we will meet again to share information about your memories.

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    Unlimited email, texts throughout the process.

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    Draft scripts for your review / approval.

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    Advice on readings, poems, music and any other content required.

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    A uniquely personal and dignified ceremony delivered on the day at venue of your choice.

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